Thursday, January 7, 2010

A year later............

How can a year have gone by without me posting???? If not just for myself?????

What a blessed year we have had!!!! We now live in Abilene, TX. Grace is one year old. Our Taco Casa is NEARLY finished!!

We love living in Abilene. What a blessing. We are by Brenna, John and Grace and by Collin!!!! We love our house and the neighborhood. We have placed membership at Hillcrest church of Christ and love it. It has been another blessing to us.

We celebrated Grace's first birthday. Wow---is she the love of all of our lives. JOY---that is what she gives us. Still no adoption started---but we still are hopeful and trusting that will happen. March we will know a little more and May will be the final hearing----and then they can start adopting. We cannot wait for her to be a Windham!!!

Taco Casa should be opening in another month or so. We are SOOOO ready. John has been going to WFalls for training and he is ready, too!!!

I know this is a fast update---hopefully I will do better this 2010!!!


Ben Grant said...

Do you own the Taco Casa being built by the new Walmart off 1-20 and Hwy 351? If so, when do you expect to open? I am pumped!

Angie said...

Ben---almost a year later---YES we are the owners of Taco Casa in Abilene. We opened two months to the day later than you posted this. I hope you have been by!!! Come in and say Hi!!! Oh and join Taco Casa Abilene fan page on Facebook!!!! :) Hope to meet you soon!!