Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The New Year

Here it is the first part of February and I have not "blogged" since Thanksgiving?? So much has happened in these few months.

I had a hysterectomy in early December. We had two Christmases, and then went on a medical mission to the Philippines. Ok--there ya go--you are caught up. :) We had Christmas early with Brenna and John and Collin and my mom. It was around Bren's birthday--the 12th, so I was only about 10 days postop. We had manicotti instead of Turkey since we had had two turkeys in two weeks at Thanksgiving. It turned out wonderfully and we had a great day. Of course, Grace was there and that was a wonderful, wonderful blessing. Sh
e is now-two months old and just beautiful. We are praying that she will remain in our family forever. Our second Christmas was in Abilene. Bren and John were back from Houston and his parents, so we went down for the day and spent it at my sister-in-laws, Lesli and Toby and the girls. Dik's dad and step-mom were there and we had a great time. It was so fun to have kids around.

Then on January 2nd we left for our medical mission. I was only 4 weeks postop and could not lift more than 10 pounds, but there were no problems. We had a fabulous experience in the Philippines. The people there are so grateful for everything. We saw 2900 people in 3 days. Unbelievable!! Dik and I worked in the pharmacy with a bunch of other people and we were running nonstop filling prescriptions. The kids were so cute. The parents loved for you to hold their children. We also got to go shopping. Things are soooo cheap there. We bought pearls and Lacoste shirts and purses and a painting. We got our hair cut and had massages!! We both had an hour massage at the hotel for $40 for the two of us. We gave a $2 tip and people told us that was way too much!!! That the average pay for a day was $2!!! We are so fortunate to live where we do and are blessed with so many things. God is so good.

We are still in the Taco Casa building mode. It has been slower than we expected but we close on February 27 and then it should start getting built in March. We are already looking at houses in Abilene and will put a sign in our yard in about 4 weeks. It is hard to imagine leaving Wichita Falls after 27 years but we are excited to live by our kids and start a new business. In this economy, again, God is so good. We are so thankful.

Collin is back in Abilene and will be starting back to ACU in the summer. We miss him but know that God is leading him and Collin is following.

I wish I could put a picture of Grace on here. She is smiling and even blowing bubbles now!!! But--I will put some pictures from the Philippines on.

Thank you all for reading the Days of My Life!!