Thursday, October 16, 2008

John Windham

Their first date!!!
We are so. so blessed. We were blessed with a daughter and a son to raise and then God blessed us with another son- one that loves our daughter the way God intended for a man to love a woman. He loves God and it shows in his every day life; The way he does his job, the way he treats his wife, the way he treats his parents---he is truly a blessing to all those who know him. He loves children. I love children. Dik loves children. Collin loves children and Brenna loves children. I guess you could say we all adore children. He fits in our family like our five peas in a pod. We love John and we love everything he stands for. His parents did such a wonderful job in raising him. We cannot wait to see their children one day. Brenna and John will be such wonderful parents and they are both so, so beautiful and handsome---their kids will be gorgeous!!!! :) But before that happens, they are blessing foster children into their lives. What a unselfish act. We are all waiting for that phone to ring!!!!!

Oh---and HAPPY 24th Birthday, JOHN!!!!! (October 18). WE LOVE YOU!!!!

At ACU Social

You can see Brenna is in love!!!

At the house

This was when WE fell in love with John!!!

One of their engagement pictures

Wedding pictures. See? He loves kids!! (this is his niece)

Watching as Brenna walks down the aisle

Mr. And Mrs. John Windham

And they lived happily ever after........