Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Changes of Life

Boy, can things change in life quickly. My dear friend Karen Mullins has up and moved to Oklahoma. I am very happy for them but miss her already. God has wonderful things planned for her and Curtis. Another change is that Collin is home. He had all of ACU he could take. He had never been truly happy there and only saw the negative at ACU, the liberalism of chapel and trying to make the kids happy, not God. The tradition ends here in our family. Brenna and John said they would never send their kids to ACU and Collin ---well it would not be a thought for his kids. What a shame that a school who claims to be a church of Christ school does not use God's church's principals. The one and only good thing about ACU that he went back for was his roommate, Tyson. They had gotten very close in a year and a half and Collin really wanted another semester living with him. Tyson is a wonderful Christian young man and we are very thankful for him.

Some exciting news---Dik's dad is getting married. She is a WONDERFUL lady. We all love her very much. She is so good to Jim. The wedding is February 29 and Dik is performing the ceremony!!!

We love life and thank God for our health and our family and friends.
Much love til I write again!