Friday, January 4, 2008

Enjoying life

I am so thankful for my family. They provide me with so much joy.

I started my new gastrointestinal job. It is going very well now and I am pretty used to him. The nice thing is, they are off every Friday. So that is only working 4 days a week. AND they get one week off a month (or I guess I do because they are actually at the hospital working that week). So--that is four days a week, three weeks out of the month!!! Sounds perfect for me. In another two weeks they will be completely digital, so I will not have to pick up any tapes. I have the foot pedal and headphones and software. I am excited to find out what to do with it all!!!

I am still typing for Dr. Lim, also. He and his family are like family to me. If you work for Dr. Lim--you are part of their family. He is only dictating new patient's, which is perfect for me. That is about two a day--long reports but two will be done in an hour, perfect.

So things are looking up!!! My pain is under control with the drug, Lyrica. It is a neurologic drug. I take it three times a day, and I know if it is time to take it. I still do not have feeling in the top of my left hand or my pointer finger, but luckily they both work normally and I can type. My wonderful chair I got for Xmas is used every day. It is the best present ever. Of course, Dik did not stop with the chair. He loves to shock me every year with a great present, and he did that once again.

I am enjoying Collin being home. I dread him going back to school in another couple of weeks. I am looking forward to Brenna coming home tomorrow to go to Kristina's wedding. It is sad that John cannot come too, but he has to open tomorrow.

I got a new cell phone!!! I love that every two years when it is time to get a new one!!! I love it. It has GPS on it, MP3 player and email!! It has a keyboard, so text messaging will be a lot faster for me!!! Dik and Collin got new ones too. They are excited too. Funny that in another two years, ours will be out of date again!!! Wow. Wonder what will be the new thing by then.

Don't expect an entry every day!!! This is new and fun right now. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Happy New Year

Well here I am starting a blog!!! I even beat Karen to it!! :) I just started a new job yesterday and it is going very well. It is gastroenterology, which I have never done before. The New Year is starting off very happy. I have a daughter who is married to the love of her life, who we adore, and a son who is once again dating the love of his life, who we adore, and I, of course, I am married to the love of my life. Who could ask for more??? But I do have more---much, much more. God has blessed me far more than I would ever have imagined. I cannotthank Him enough. Thank you to all who read the "Days of my Life". :) Happy2008!!!