Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mother's Day

How wonderful it is to be a mother. The joy through every stage of their life is more wonderful and exciting than the last. Yes--I miss them being little and those little arms around my neck---but the joy you feel when your children are faithful Christians, and grown is the greatest feeling in the world. I thank my children----all three of them---for making me so proud of calling them mine.

This mother's Day was extra special because John and Brenna came to town. They took me to a wonderful lunch and refused to let me cook--and gave me the most beautiful flowers. They are my new favorites. They are still beautiful a week later and still have two more that will bloom any day. Collin gave me a hot stone massage. I asked him if he personally was going to give it to me----and uhhh that was not funny. ha. With him being home he must know how much I need that stress reliever of a massage. So I cannot wait for that. And Dik gave me something I have always wanted but we just did not ever buy---a Kitchen Aid Stand mixer. I am excited to use it on bread, cakes, cookies---calories---oops. :)

Collin is now learning the ropes at Taco Casa He is going to know more than the rest of us. He decided that if he was going to have to learn it anyway--he might as well learn and get paid. The Saturday of MOther's Day he, Dik and John all worked there for training. So he started the next week. Brenna and I had fun shopping that Saturday.

John and Brenna have decided to become foster parents!!! We are all so excited for them. They put in for ages 3 and under. If the opportunity is there, they will adopt, too. They said they wanted to adopt before having their own kids. We are so proud of them. I cannot wait to be a "Nonnie"??? How do you like that? I was going to be Gigi but that sounds too much like someone's name for me. So then I was going to be Gammie but then Brenna mentioned Nonnie and I think that is very cute. Dik is going to be Poppie. So we may be those in just a few weeks to a couple months!!! We will have to do some classes to be able to keep the foster kids. But we can't wait to do it!!!

Ok--I am going to put a few pictures from mother's day weekend, etc.

Much love to you all!!!