Friday, August 29, 2008

Cancun and some peace of mind!!!

What a great time we had. Six days and five nights of--------nothing but relaxation and peace. Hungry??? Lots of restaurants to choose from-------thirsty????? EVEN COKES (or Pepsi, orange, 7-up) are free!!!!!! It was niiiiice. I read two and a half books, got a little sun, got a little (little) tan. (I wore a lot of sunscreen).

The food?? The first day we went to the "normal dining area". Dik got some eggplant, which he loves and the rest of the ti
me---he was sick!! Oh great. Threw up the first night---and then diarrhea the rest of the time. Uhh we did not go back there!!! We went to the Italian restaurant and BINGO---the spaghetti was out of this world!!! As good as the place we go in NYC!!! We had spaghetti three times while we were there!!! It was that good. We ate breakfast there every day. We went to teh steak house---uhhhh we did not eat it. After all---we live in TEXAS---the steak capital!!! It just did not come close. We ate at the seafood place. Dik had the seafood plate and it looked really good. Shrimp---uh yeah!!! I got the duck and it was so so. The dessert??? Scrumptious!!! Wish I could have had it for an appetizer, meal and dessert!!! The last night we had chinese---YUMMMM. Shrimp again!!! It was really really good!!! It is just nice to look at a menu and not think---hmmm what should we split---or what is the cheapest (for those of you who KNOW us--ha).

We bought a painting there a guy did. It is on a rectangle tile. It is beautiful. Wherever we go we try to buy some type of art. We got t-shirts for everyone of course, what else do you buy??? ha.

All in all--it was a great time. We could have stayed another week, I think. But it was long enough for me to get my sanity back. :)

Tomorrow--we go to the lake for Labor day.
Brenna and John will be there and a friend of Bren's with an 18 month old little girl. Yay!! Brenna and John should be getting a baby or child in September. Their home class is the first part of September and then they are free!! YAY!! I can't wait!!!

God bless you all---

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Post

Ok--I really am tired of seeing my broken tooth, black eye, etc on my blog--so I thought it was time to put up a new post.

I cannot believe that it is August. Time flies by. Not fast enough for Brenna and John. They still do not have any foster kids and we all are really getting anxious. I am ready to be a Nonnie an
d Dik is ready to be a Poppy to whoever comes into our lives. We have bought Winnie the Pooh everything we can think of. It has been so much fun.

Taco Casa land is closed but we are waiting for the final plans to give the contractor to start building. We are ready for that part of our lives to start.

We had a wondeful vacation to New Hampshire,
Maine, Niagara Falls and Vermont in June, and this is horrible---but I am ready for a vacation. We went, went, went here, there, everywhere. We had a fabulous time but I am in need for just some rest and relaxation. So we are going to Cancun in 12 days. I found a great deal on line and the airplane tickets alone would have cost what we are getting 5 nights, all inclusive, plus airfare and transfers from the airport!! So it will really be good for both of us to sit, watch the water and do nothing but read and maybe Dik can work on his book that is 21 years in the making. Our brains have been going nonstop with my mom moving here (I have not lived by my mom for 30 years. They lived in Colorado mostly and we would see them 1-2 times a year, so now it is an adjustment for all of us to have her here and in our every day lives. She has her own house), Taco Casa, transcription, teaching bible classes, Collin being home and transferring to MSU, bible studies and so on and so on. So due to my history of anxiety attacks/panic disorder and Dik's stress reactions of PVCs and stomach problems, we need an escape.

I am going to post some of our best pictures from our first vacation.

Hope all is well with my blog friends.
Much love-----

We bought Maple syrup from this man who makes it.